We are donating £1 of each sale to The Ocean clean up who are reducing the plastic pollution epidemic!

The Happy Bottle Benefits

A glass eco-friendly drinking bottle is just one step we can take towards a smarter, more sustainable lifestyle.


It’s better for you - We only use high quality borosilicate glass as it resists chemicals and acid degradation, you don’t need to worry about chemicals seeping into your water so it is always safe to drink from. Our bottle is toxin and chemical free, BPA and BPS free and vegan friendly.

 Your drink will taste better - Have you ever drunk from plastic or stainless-steel bottles and tasted the plastic or metallic flavour from which you are drinking? This occurs because they are actually seeping into your water due to the solubility of plastic and steel. This is both harmful to your health and unpleasant. When using borosilicate glass, the liquid inside remains pure and because borosilicate glass has low solubility, it keeps your beverage free from contamination.




It’s better for the environment. Plastic water bottles are bad for our environment and our animals. They are made from liquid petroleum and they usually end up in either, landfills, rivers or oceans. Only 9% of plastics get recycled even then, often times the process of breaking down and reusing plastics leaves a heavy carbon footprint. Since borosilicate glass is made from naturally abundant materials that are more easily acquired than oil, the environmental impact is lessened. If handled with care, borosilicate glass will last a lifetime.


The Happy Bottle can be used for cold liquids. You won’t have to concern yourself with the bottle releasing harmful toxins into the liquid you are drinking, something very common in plastic water bottles and most metal alternatives. The glass bottle body is dishwasher friendly and the silicone should be hand washed.