We are donating £1 of each sale to The Ocean clean up who are reducing the plastic pollution epidemic!

Our Story

Our Story

The Happy Bottle was created as I could not find a drinking bottle on the market that was non-toxic, reusable and stylish. I wanted to create a multi-functional bottle for in the home, at work, when exercising and on the move, that was good for my health and I wanted to do my part to reduce harm to the environment and so The Happy Bottle was born.

The Happy Bottle has a goal: to revolutionise the way people drink without causing harm to their body and the environment, allowing you to drink happier. An eco-friendly non-toxic drinking bottle is just one step we can take towards a smarter, more sustainable lifestyle. You can now drink ‘Happy’ in all environments.

The Happy Bottle allows you to drink your daily fluid intake without the chemical aftertaste of plastic bottles or the metallic flavour from most metal bottles.

The Happy Bottle is for people around the world who value their health and their environment.  

Plastic pollution has a massive impact in today’s world from the food we eat to protecting our environment and our oceans.We are donating £1 of each sale to organisations who are reducing the plastic pollution epidemic, helping to protect our health, our environment and our animals.

We are striving to make great improvements to our health and our environment by making a small lifestyle change which can have a positive impact for animals, the food we eat and our oceans. We want you to join us on our journey in helping our body and environment to be happier. We want to live free of toxins and this is a great starting point, if you agree then The Happy Bottle is definitely for you!