We are donating £1 of each sale to The Ocean clean up who are reducing the plastic pollution epidemic!


If I require a larger order?

If you wish to purchase more than 6 bottles or for wholesale purposes. Please Email: Hello@thehappybottle.com so we calculated your delivery rate and help you with any other request you may have.


How do I clean my bottle?

We recommend hand cleaning with a bottle brush and warm, soapy water. For a thorough clean, you may place the bottle body in the dishwasher. We recommend placing glass bottles on the bottom rack.

Is my bottle dishwasher safe? 

Yes. For thorough sanitation, you may place the Happy Bottle in the dishwasher on the bottom rack. Our high quality 100% borosilicate glass bottles can easily withstand the high temperatures produced by standard and commercial appliances. WARNING - Stainless steel caps should always be hand washed to avoid seal breakage.


We recommend storing your bottle with the lid off. This will help keep your bottle looking and smelling fresh. Allow your bottle to air dry completely with the lid open. This will help to avoid unwanted moisture build up in your bottle and around the seal.


WARNING - Avoid using fizzy liquids such as carbonated drinks as this can cause excessive pressure build up in your bottle which can lead to breakage.

WARNING - Please make sure you fill your bottle 1/4 of the way with room temp water. before adding any boiling water. Allow a few minutes for the steam to escape before putting the lid back on, please do so at your own risk due the possibility of the glass being too hot to hold.

Will the glass shatter if boiling water is poured into the bottle?

Our glass bottle is 100% hardened borosilicate glass and resistant to thermal shock, WARNING - If using boiling water, please do so at your own risk due the possibility of the glass being too hot to hold.