We are donating £1 of each sale to The Ocean clean up who are reducing the plastic pollution epidemic!

The Happy Founder

Lewis grew up in Anglesey North Wales, known for it’s beautiful scenery, costal walks, beaches, ancient sites and rural setting. During his teenage years he first heard about climate change and the potential concerns with the way plastics are being disposed of. Being a driven individual, Lewis wanted to get involved and reduce plastic pollution that has had damaging effects on animals and our planet which is getting worse each day. Lewis believes we should not have to live in a polluted world.

In 2019, at just 22 years old, he envisaged making a  product which allows people to have a deeper appreciation by providing a quality drinking bottle that also adds value to the world, that is eco-friendly, affordable and stylish. Whilst having a positive impact on the world. 

The Happy Bottle brand is more than just a drinking bottle. It's here to help people to feel valued, create awareness and make a positive difference to you and the planet!