We are donating £1 of each sale to The Ocean clean up who are reducing the plastic pollution epidemic!

The Happy refill sites

Refilling The Happy Bottle has never been easier, there are refill destinations in almost every country across the world.

Please visit the link below to find your fill station in your country of purchase or travel



Unfortunately, there is not one single database for all refill points worldwide. With Refill Ambassadors, we want to stimulate the #Refillution. Therefore, we analysed different refill organisations/refill apps and made an overview per country.

How does it work? Click on the links below to visit the website of these organisations. Firstly, it helps to find refill points wherever you are. Both in your local neighbourhood or when travelling. Secondly, you can put your own tap on the map. Because the more refill stations, the easier it becomes to refill your bottle.  

We are working hard to keep this list up to date. Do you want to know more about the people behind these organisations? Read our “Best Practices” interviews. Are we missing a country? Please let us know by emailing info@refillambassadors.com

We dream of a world where plastic waste does not exist. But we cannot achieve this alone. The more people choose to stop buying single-use plastic bottles, the sooner refilling becomes the norm. Together we can change the way we use and waste plastic bottles.