We are donating £1 of each sale to The Ocean clean up who are reducing the plastic pollution epidemic!

The Happy Bottle


A bottle of happiness with you everyday!


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Our Customers

I have had many bottles over the years and this is by far the best quality and look. I have From the silicone to the glass and packaging, it's amazing. All friends my commenting look of the bottle saying it's  the most stylish bottle they have seen to date and asking where they are able to purchase. I cannot recommend the bottle enough. 

John, United States

The Happy Bottle have really gone out of their way to ensure people have a premium product at an affordable price. I love fact that a percentage of my purchase is going to reducing the plastic pollution epidemic and helping to safe over 100 million animals. The card you receive with your bottle is such a nice touch and has made a massive difference to how happy and positive my day is. When I feel down I look at the card in my purse.

Julie, United Kindom

Apart from the unbelievable quality of the product. The strap on the lid of the bottle makes it so versatile, when we are running or walking with the dog I can slide the strap on my hand and it feels comfortable and does not slide off. The card you receive with your bottle is amazing when times are hard it makes you smile! The quality of the product for the price is ridiculous I would happily pay £40 for this product even without the amazing cylinder packaging they provide for added protection.

Conner and Jayne, Ireland

I am in love with this bottle, I take it with me to the gym, office and every activity I do. The strap on the lid is amazing allowing you to hang on various equipment. I have now brought another 3 bottles for other family member. Who were never interested due to it's look. But everyone has fell in love with the bottle and the card you receive just shows what a great company The Happy Bottle is, it has made a huge difference to me and my family on a day to day basis! The fact my purchase is diverting 1460 plastic bottles from harming animals and our enviroment makes me so happy.

Alice, Canada

Did you know?

Just one purchase of The Happy Bottle could save you up to £4 per day, that’s a saving of £1460 per year by making a small change!

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Why Choose the Happy Bottle

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Our bottle is non-toxic, chemical free, BPA-free and eco friendly composed of 100% high-density borosilicate glass.

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Why the Happy Bottle?

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The purchase of just one happy bottle diverts 1,460 plastic water bottles from ending up in landfills and our oceans  causing harm to our land animals and our sea life. 

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